Rodrock Developments go above and beyond to ensure its communities are fun and family friendly. Just one such example is the Farmers’ Markets, held in the neighborhood clubhouse or pool parking lot, which provides residents with a rainbow-hued assortment of fruits and vegetables, jams, jellies, and assorted baked goods.​

Rodrock Development Farmers Market

The groundbreaking Rodrock Development Moms’ Council plans a colorful bouquet of family-friendly activities, including egg hunts, pumpkin-carving contests, and holiday horse-drawn hayrides down decorated streets—complete with a visit from Santa, depending upon the neighborhood. These events help build a true sense of community, which resonates deeply with families.​

“And plans for summer activities are well underway,” says Tammy Coody, the Moms’ Council Coordinator for Rodrock Development. “One of the family favorites is the annual 4th of July Bike Parades with the spirit of ‘Red, White & Blue’ displayed on kiddos’ bikes, trikes, wagons, strollers, and more. Participants parade through their communities as neighbors watch from their doorsteps and wave them on. And no parade is complete without refreshing treats afterward! But that’s only the start: Pool parties, movie nights, and block parties are among other events enjoyed by all.”

Still, this is only the start to what the Moms’ Council does. Another convenient bonus is the Farmers’ Markets, which the Council brings to many Rodrock communities. The markets provide residents with a rainbow-hued assortment of fruits and vegetables, jams, jellies, and assorted baked goods. 


“Residents love being able to walk to their pool or clubhouse parking lots to purchase farm-fresh items,” adds Tammy. “This year, we’re excited for visits from other vendors offering shaved ice and homemade fudge. Our Moms’ Council volunteers and neighbors are so helpful in planning and scheduling the markets. The support and input they provide is priceless.”


Jessica Jasa first learned about the Moms’ Council when looking for a new home in 2013. “We were looking for a home in a neighborhood with a sense of community and close-knit neighbors—both of which we found in Stonebridge Meadows. Not only does my family love the Moms’ Council and its holiday events, but also as a realtor, I’ve seen how important it is to homebuyers. It helps to instantly foster a sense of community in a meaningful way.”


This thoughtful dedication to families is found not only in the planning of community events, but also in the physical planning of the neighborhoods themselves. Rodrock Developments are full of quiet winding streets and protected cul-de-sacs, where children can play and neighbors gather on driveways. The developments are laced with paved trails, linking neighbors, providing easy access to the communities’ amenities and local schools, and serving as an invitation for evening strolls. Amazing amenities—including well-equipped playgrounds, zero-entry pools, richly appointed clubhouses with workout facilities, sports courts, and more—delight families and build a sense of community and camaraderie.


The Rodrock dedication to healthy neighborhoods is unparalleled, and the innovative Moms’ Council is just one such example. Rodrock Developments are filled with simple pleasures from simpler times: Where neighbors become close friends and gather together to commemorate life’s little celebrations. There’s no better time than the spring to realize that Rodrock Development has cultivated something truly beautiful in the soil of Kansas.



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Rodrock Development’s Moms’ Council arranges a bouquet of springtime fun

Rodrock Development Farmers Market

Many developers invest in a bit of springtime planting and leave it at that. Not so at Rodrock Developments. The Rodrock team definitely ensures entry monuments bloom with brilliant buds, but the crew is also concerned with roots of a different sort. Rodrock wants its communities to blossom with camaraderie and friendship. That’s why careful planning ensures these neighborhoods provide fertile ground for growing families. 


Thanks to the groundbreaking Rodrock Development Moms’ Council, thriving Homeowners Associations, and sociable residents, each community is chockfull of opportunities for families to have fun, flourish, and establish lifelong friendships. 


A colorful bouquet of family-friendly activities are planned thanks to the Council, including pool-opening parties, pumpkin-carving contests, and holiday horse-drawn hayrides down decorated streets—complete with a visit from Santa, depending upon the community. These events help build a true sense of togetherness, which resonates deeply with families. 


“The Moms’ Council is truly as asset that sets apart our communities,” says Brenda Sanders, President of Rodrock & Associates, Realtors®. “The seasonal get-togethers help bring families together to build favorite memories and forge friendships. This is a huge gift, especially to those moving in from out of town. Already this spring our communities have enjoyed fun-filled Egg Hunts and a visit from the Easter Bunny.”​